Are you Lost In Google?

If you’re lost and don’t know where to go, or your looking for someplace what do you do?

Ask your kids if you haven’t done it themselves how do they find things, places that they are looking for?

What hasn’t Google started messing with and making it ad dominated?

The answer to all three is Google Maps.  Google hasn’t yet tried to monetize the results that are given when a search is done on their maps app.   So what’s this mean to your business?  A chance to get people to find and see you, and lots of them.  A few years ago I took a picture of some ice cream at a restaurant, today it’s been viewed over 600 Thousand times.  A few weeks ago I took a picture and it’s already at 3,000 views.

If you would like to get views like this then you need my services.  Through some simple tools that I will explain to you as I do it myself you will rocket to the top in Google Map results.  As a Local Guide of considerable level, my reviews and pictures are given even more credit.