These pages will give you lots of information about Cannabis. These pages are subject to change and or addition as I have time.  Consider yourself a free student at the Institute for Cannabis.  I’ve got a ton of information so more will come as I get a chance to write more.

This is not legal advice.

A little about me.  I’ve been a Cannabis advocate and with lots of work an expert on it’s uses and cultivation techniques.  I’ve gathered information from experienced growers around the world I have studied under.  From the famous Ed Rosenthal and his book partners to the Dutch, Universities of Jamaica, Ukraine, Minnesota, Indiana, Mississippi, Ganja farmers in Jamaica and others I have gathered vast expertise in Cannabis cultivation.

Cultivation for hemp is different than for other uses.  Here in this area you’ll find information on the other uses.

Cannabis Seed 101 – Types of Cannabis n Seeds (last updated Sep 9 2023)

Cannabis Growing 101    – The bare bone basics (last updated Sep 9 2023)

Cannabis growing 102   – Cloning for quantity and quality (last updated Sep 9 2023)

Cannabis harvesting 101 – How to know when to harvest (last updated Sep 8 2023)

Coming Soon – Cannabis curing 101 – You want green tasting cannabis? I didn’t think so. (last updated ____)