Here is what some of my clients have had to say about my work.

      • “Thank you for all that you’ve done. It has been a pleasure working with you, … I will be sure to contact you again. I will also be sure to recommend you to other businesses and nonprofits! I would be happy to give a recommendation.”

Miriam Chickering, Chief Executive Officer, Nurses International

    • “John has an intuitive grasp for marketing, and has a creative approach to the medium. He’s also a straight shooter — which is essential for a small business, when every marketing/sales dollar you spend is critical.”

Erik Schimek, President Erik Organic Furniture Inc.

      • “You have to give John credit, he is very intelligent and knows what he is talking about”

Jesse “the Body” Ventura – Former Governor of the State of Minnesota

      • “John has been a long time friend. I know he is a tireless worker and has helped me produce my own product line. Thanks, I love my coffee.”

Bun E Carlos, Drummer for the Rock Band “Cheap Trick”

      • “I’ve worked with John as a fellow community activist and also as a professional. He is tireless in his work for better communities and the work he did setting up my campaign database gave us a great advantage in our victorious campaign!”

Dave Thune, Councilmember, City of St. Paul

      • “John Birrenbach’s savvy and responsiveness in the fast-paced world of internet communications is second to none. I worked with John in the battle over a neighborhood nuisance where the ability to quickly communicate ideas to our supporters and to the press was critical. We were a small neighborhood, but thanks in part to John’s responsiveness, we were able to outsmart an opponent who was well-financed and had paid lobbyists, public relations people and attorneys ready to spring into action against us. John’s internet savvy helped level the playing field and was a big part of a small neighborhood coming out the winner in a battle against an industry with deep pockets and heavy political support. His ability to organize and make available loads of information continues to help those across the country engaged in similar battles to protect their towns from industries that would pollute their environment.”

Daine Gerth, President Fort Road Federation, St Paul MN

      • “While I was the chairperson of a major Minnesota political party, Mr. Birrenbach assisted us with our website.  He was instrumental in new proposing ideas and implementing design and technology that resulted in higher traffic volume than we had experienced in the past. This created more public interest in our web site and our party.”

Diane Goldman, former Chair of the Reform Party of MN

      • “I thought the discussion and the questions were great. John did an especially good job moderating.”

Sean Kershaw, President, Citizens League.

      • “Working with John showed me his debth of compassion and love of this unique individual. I think his video should be shown every year in every school in our area and throughout St. Paul and beyond. It would teach volumns about people with disabilities and about respect, for one’s self and for another’s self no matter the background, intellect or circumstance that life has dealt one. It opens the heart–what greater tribute can be said. I know it did this for me as John helped me write about his project and this gentle man.” “Thanks John, for that experience.”

Maxine McCormick, Editor, Community Reporter newspaper, West Seventh area, St. Paul

      • “I have been acquainted with John Birrenbach through business since 1992. I have found him to be a very resourceful, and industrious individual. He has handled his dealings in a professional, courteous and timely manner. He is currently the agent for two books I have written, and I have had numerous business dealings with him in the past. I would recommend John for any endeavor in computer, business, advertising, promotions and almost project I can think of. I’m sure he will do a splendid job for you.”

Pastor Michael Treis

    – Author “The Man Made Plagues” & “The Destruction of America”