Does Feminizing Cannabis seed produce the same Variety of Cannabis?

The quick answer is No, the vast majority of seeds from self-fertilization won’t be identical to the parent plant, although they’ll share many characteristics. They’ll be similar to plants from regular fertilization except all are guaranteed female.

Many will be similar in various aspects but there will be differences.  The more times a plant is feminized the differences will become greater.  In the first round of self-fertilization will create a possibility of up to 16 possible combinations.

If you get deeper into the cannabinoid profile of the plant variety using the self-fertilization process you could produce 1,048,576 possible cannabinoid profile combinations, in the seeds produced.

Given that varieties are based on the cannabinoid profile of the plant it will be very hard to produce exact results and it will become increasingly difficult in future generations of a variety.

The principle of fertilization remains the same and the same randomization occurs with the genetic structure of the seed produced whether the plant is a female or male. The main difference is female/female pollination creates female seeds vs the 50/50 split of male n female with regular fertilization.  Given the desire to produce female plants this is an advantage to some.

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