Cannabis Seed Distributors

If you’re looking for quality seed from a company that stands behind their product then here you go.

I’ve worked with these people for a long time and found they have as good a selection as anyone.

There are many seed distributors around the world most offer equal quality seeds.

Ones I have personally gotten good seed from:

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Kalifa Genetics


Sensi Seed

Other well known seed distributors:

Seed Supreme

Choice Cannabis Seed

Mandala Seed

Amsterdam Seed

Homegrown Cannabis Seed

Pacific Seed Bank

Tropical Seed

Landrace Warden

Zoma Collective

Authentic Genetics

Crocket Family Farms

Gorilla Cannabis Seed



If you are looking for advice on varieties that have proven results the following are strains and varieties I, and others I know, have worked with.  For more information on Cannabis seed in general you can find that here – LINK

Bruce Banner – Variety

Gorilla Glue – Variety

Girl Scout Cookies – Variety

Skunk No.1 – Variety

Northern Lights – Variety

Big Bud Cannabis – Variety

Blue Dream – Variety

Durban Poison – land race

Afghan Kush – land race

Currently Cannabis seed is legal in the United States on a federal level, your state or local laws may vary.  Neither I nor the seed bank are responsible for your violation of any law.