SEO It’s All About The Game

“The Game” I love that song by Motorhead.  Partly cause its a good solid rock song and also cause it’s lyrics really hit home.  If you read the lyrics it’s very revealing and also a key to how to play the game.

“Time To Play The Game”

“It’s all about the game and How you play it.”  In order to play the game you need to know the rules and some of them are that you are playing a game with Google.  Unfortunately no one knows what the real rules are but Google gives you hints if you look hard enough.

Clearly Google is in the business of selling advertising and other services.  Google has a vast array of tools that you can use to show up or improve your search results.  Unfortunately to many are looking at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media when Google is paying more attention to it’s own properties.

One of them is Google+ .  That is there attempt to be something like Facebook but hasn’t really taken off, except to the Google search.  Having a profile on Google+ is a must have if your serious about playing the game.  Anything you post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.. should be posted to Google+ as well.

If you’re not taking advantage of the tools that Google is giving you to show up better in their search results your wasting energy.

“All about control and if you can take it”  In order to take control you first need to start using the tools available.