Selling Without A Showroom

There is a new way to sell that is a paradigm shift in the way sales are being done and I can help your company make the transition.

If you or your sales for are thinking, selling is hard, harder with no showroom, impossible without meeting the customer could you sell to them?

If you answered Yes and Impossible then your wrong. Let me tell you that it’s actually easy and I am not talking penny anti little stuff I am talking 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of an order all without ever even meeting the customer.

If you’re the average sales person your probably saying this guy is insane and how does he know how to sell my product? Well first of all your product doesn’t matter and the reason I know is because I have sold 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of very expensive high-end custom made furniture for people. Over the course of 8 years I sold directly over $4 million and helped in selling over $16 million in my position as sales manager for of all things a furniture company.

We didn’t have a showroom we had a website. The site contained 99% of the information necessary for a customer to purchase anything they wanted, but when your dropping anywhere from $1,000-$20,000 you might want to talk with someone. That’s what I did. I talked to people, and I convinced them that they were making the right decision to make that purchase.

I shouldn’t say I convinced them to make the purchase, they were already going to buy it was just a matter of who was going to get the business. My job was to assure them that they were making the right decision and that the company I worked for stood behind its products and I believed in them. My belief that I was selling the best thing since sliced bread convinced them that they were making the right purchase and bought from my other sales people and me.

I’ve trained about a dozen people in how to sell stuff online without a showroom. All have been successful some more than others. All of my sales people were able to pull down a minimum of $35k a month and my top sellers, myself included could pull down $60k in a reasonable month. I was able to take my vacations in Jamaica and sell furniture to people still back in the states. Most of them never even knew where I was, I suspect most thought I was working in a cubical someplace. Little did they know that from the comfort of my home I chatted with them and sold them the best damn products they will ever purchase.

I can help your company make sales during these trying times. I can also help you move from a physical location into the virtual locations. I’ve worked for decades in internet technology and helped companies move into the digital age. You will find if properly done and trained your sales force will not only be happier but more productive as well.

Give me a call, drop me an email and let’s talk.