Curing Cannabis for use

2-weeks into flower

You harvested your flowers n now you need to cure your cannabis for use.   This is where you can end up with either really awesome material or trash.

First you need to determine that they are ready to harvest.  Here is a video I made of one of my harvests.

Then you need to prune away leaves that aren’t valuable except for making butter or something along that line.  Here is another video about this.

Now if you just plan to make butter for edibles you can just process the  raw materials or dry them fast n then process the materials.

If your looking for other uses or want better flavor you want to cure the flowers slower.

The most common problem is mold.  Drying cannabis is not a fast process but not fast enough and your flowers can grow molds and mildews easy.

It’s been my experience that harvesting the whole plant and either hanging it someplace or putting it onto a tray to dry in a dry environment has been a good start.

Generally I dry my plants to a point where the stems are till playable but the leaves are dry. Cutting stems of the main stalk helps in the final pruning.  The fiinal pruning of the leaves that have exposed themselves until it’s been manicured but still partly on the semi-moist pliable stem.

Next I will place this into a glass jar as big as is needed for the pruned tops.  This is a critical stage as molds and mildews could develop easy.   Depending on how much I have I could use something as small as a pint size mason jar or something large like a 1 gallon jug.  You’ll want a jar that you can open n close until it’s reached the ready stage.  I will open or burp the jar on a daily basis until it’s ready, watching and sniffing for any signs of mold or mildew.

If you feel it hasn’t dried enough you can always put it on a baking sheet or pan to let it really dry quicker.  The ambient humidity is going to determine how fast it drys.

Being patient is key along with as much monitoring as you can give. If it’s not cured properly it’ll end up green tasting or covered in molds n mildew.  Cured properly n you have great tasting buds.

Hope this helps anyone.