Cannabis Pest Control

If you grow anything eventually you’ll have pests and bugs.

Spider Mites are by far the most common and can be controlled with a lot of things from pesticides to other bugs.

By far the least favorable is to use chemical pesticides.  These will poison the plant and bugs and you if you consume it.

One of the newest things I have been told about, by the people at the University of Minnesota, is ethyl alcohol sprayed on the plants.  First is dosage, you will not want to use anything over 50% alcohol as levels above 60-65% can harm the plants.  Second is kind.  You obviously don’t want to affect the taste of your buds so something that has the least amount of flavor.  My self I use Everclear grain alcohol.  It has no flavor and can be as strong as 90% alcohol.

I dilute the alcohol to get around 50% alcohol put in a spray bottle n spray the plants once a week or as needed.

Alcohol will also eliminate molds and mildews. Because of this it’s become a weekly routine in my flowering room.