More Cannabis Growing Tricks

Here I want to give you some more Cannabis growing tips.

More on dirt – What ever kind of soil you use you want it to be porous and light.  Adding Perlite, the white specs you see in most potting soil, is just what is needed to make soil drain good.  Cannabis, like most plants like to have short periods of dry dirt so the roots can breath.  This also forces roots to grow looking for the moisture.

The soil pictured is a bit heavy and could use about a 10% addition of perlite.


Foliage Washing and feeding – It’s important to give the plants a bath from time to time.  A simple spray bottle will accomplish this. Once a day or every other day works well.  It keeps the leaves green n growing, it adds to the plants ability to have open air pores (for lack of a more technical term).  It also allows you to spot some pests like spider mites.

Plants normally get rained on.  You need to simulate as best you can what they get in nature only indoors.

I’m not a fan of fertilizers of any kind. Others swear by them.  You can feed your vegetative plants with fertilizers but I recommend going slow and at low strength to determine the amount needed.  NEVER FEED THIS WAY ON FLOWERS!!

Water Softener Water – Is very bad for plants in general.  You want to get your water before it’s softened.