Local, Mobile Searches

The most useful feature on anyone’s phone is the Search Feature.  Hitting that button unlocks all kinds of stuff about whatever the search is for. Usually these are local searches, like  “Italian food near me” who shows up depends on where you are.  What shows up depends on what’s been done to your google listing.

If you don’t believe me ask any person under 30 how they find something and they are not sure where it can be found.  I bet they tell you they pull out their phone.  Now what about the people looking for your business.  That’s how they are finding you.

Now ask your younger person how do they select who they select.  Usually it’s because there are reviews of the place of business.  If the reviews are good and new they are likely to use that over someone who has terrible reviews or ones that are old.

I can help you take advantage of this and it doesn’t cost a fortune.  Contact me and lets chat about how to make you show up and get the most out of Google search results.