Growing on Vacation

So you need to take a vacation and are wondering what to do.  Well you have a few options… Don’t go on Vacation, Get lots of stuff to monitor from remote locations, have a buddy come over n watch your plants, or shut everything off.

We are all going to end up in this situation wither it’s for a few days or maybe weeks.  Not going on vacation it’s not much of an option.  Getting lots of stuff to monitor from remote locations, while possible can be expensive.  Having a friend come over sounds good if you trust them and they know what they are doing.

Finally the option I have used is to just shut everything down.  Turn off the lights, no more water or fertilizer and do  not load them up before you leave.  The plants without a source of light will just consider it a long nite.  They won’t have a demand for water, especially when it’s dark.  If they are healthy going into hibernation they will be healthy coming out.

I’ve been out of the country for 2 weeks and returned to find healthy plants that had some lighter colored new growth.  Within a day they were dark green and everything was good to go.

If you have a clone machine, not to worry just leave it run but be sure to trim back some roots that might be over 1/2″ long.