This page contains links to various documents and or pages of information I have recovered through the use of the Freedom Of Information Act, FOIA.  FOIA allows people to obtain information from the US and most State governments.

HHS Appeal successful full unredacted -HHS Letter to DEA to Re-schedule Cannabis – DEA Letter and Enclosure

HHS Letter to DEA to Re-schedule Cannabis – DEA Letter – Aug. 29 [final release]

Case Number: 21-00507-F  DEA guidelines and policies for those who are registered and/or seek registration and exemption concerning the use, production, and distribution of peyote  Peyote Exemption for Native American Church

Newest Mixtures and Descheduling language

GAO Reports Marijuana

Marijuana Imports to US

DEA Reports

GSA YouTube Video’s not public Jan 12 2021

DEA Drug Intelligence Bulletin May 2011

DEA:  DEA disciplinary offenses and penalties guide

Office of Special Council – OSC-FOIA-FOIA-2020-150


DEA Office of Historian Response –

there is no position at DEA of “DEA Historian” and there is no “DEA History Office” at DEA.  The websites, and the DEA history book ‘A Tradition of Excellence’  was made available to the public on the DEA website therefore there is no ‘unpublished/internal’ information that has not been made public using these resources.  The text (paper) for the displays in the new DEA museum is also available for public viewing.  If you have any more questions please let me know.
Thank you. Tonia Woodley, IBSS Corp. Paralegal III (Contractor),Initial Review Team
Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Section (FSR), U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration