Cannabis Growing

This is by no means the only way to grow Cannabis there are many. 

I have tried many in my decades of indoor and outdoor growing.  Over the years I have always sought to produce a quality cannabis that I could enjoy.  To that end I also looked at new and developed or expanded on other techniques most of which retained quality and increased the quantity produced.


Cannabis Botany – The basic botany of Cannabis

Cannabis Seed 101 – Types of Cannabis n Seeds

Cannabis Seed 102   Feminized seed

Cannabis Seed 103   Auto-flowering seed


Cannabis Growing 101    – The bare bone basics

Cannabis Growing 102 – Starting from Seed – Vegetative

Cannabis Growing 103 – Transplanting tricks

Cannabis Growing 104 – Basics of flowering


Cannabis Growing 105 – Growing on vacation

Cannabis Growing 106 – More Cannabis Growing Tips

Cannabis Growing 107 – Lights and intensity

Cannabis Growing 108 – Light color


Cannabis Growing 201– Sea of Green method Cloning for quantity and quality

Cannabis Cloning 202 – The basics of cloning simple.


Cannabis Growing 301 – Training Plants

Cannabis Pest Control – You’re going to run into bugs n pests

Cannabis Harvesting 101 – How to know when to harvest

Cannabis Curing 101 – You want green tasting cannabis? I didn’t think so.


Feminized Cannabis Genetics – Does Feminizing Cannabis seed produce the same Variety of Cannabis? (Dec 2023)

Autoflowering Cannabis Genetics – What happens when you add Autoflowering genetics to a variety? (–pending review–)


Video Library

– Some of the many videos  I have posted to YouTube