Cannabis harvesting 101

One of the most difficult part of growing cannabis is the harvest stage.

First you need to know when to harvest.  This can in part be determine by the time the plant has been in the flowering stage.  Most Cannabis plants take 6-10 weeks to be ready to harvest at their peak of quantity and quality.  Check your variety to get an idea of when to start watching.

What to watch for.  First is color change in leaves.  The big fan leaves will start to yellow and even die.  As they get dead remove them but leave them as long as possible as they are helping the plant produce more flowers n Trichomes of goodness.

Within about 2 weeks of harvest many of the once white flower stamens will start to change color this is the next sign your getting close.  Time to get a magnifying glass so you can see the Trichomes and the ball on the end of each one.  Something in the 10-30 power will be sufficient.

As you look at the balls on the end of the Trichomes you will see that they are initially milky and semi opaque, then they will turn clear in color. As they age they start to change color they will turn a reddish color.  As they start to turn is the time to harvest the buds.

It’s best if you can harvest as the plant matures this may mean harvesting some from it each day.  In any case harvest down the plant till it’s gone.

When a plant shows signs it’s really close to harvest 3-5 days you’ll want to starve it of water.  How long you have to starve it depends on the amount of dirt but I wait until the leaves start to droop from lack of water.  Then it’s time to cut them down n trim off leaves.  Check this video for some basics on this – Harvest Time

Now your ready to cure your cannabis so it doesn’t taste green.  You’ll start like this then move on to the next class.  Curing 101

KEEP EVERYTHING YOU HARVEST.  YES EVEN THE BIG LEAVES.  Anything you trim from your plant before or after harvest should be put into the freezer to make hash or butter from later.