Cannabis Cloning 101

The basics of Cannabis cloning is to take a cutting from a plant, put it into some sort of medium and hope for roots.

The main idea being you find a fast blooming or strong plant take clones and create more of the same thing.  Then you are no longer reliant on seeds that could be different each time you order.  See my info on Feminized seed the same is true of regular seed.

There are many things you can do to speed up the process and increase success.  One is to use rooting hormones and rock wool.  Both of which increase success.

Aeroponic clone machine

The most successful that I have come across uses Aeroponics to get the cuttings to produce roots.  This method suspends the cuttings above a sprayer that sprays the bottoms and allow roots to be generated.



First you have the cutting at least 2″ long.

Then cut it at a angle like pictured.  This is where I have made a change.

Now rotate the stem so you can make an additional slit.

Now when place in the clone machine you’ll get faster results and even see roots coming from the additional cut area.

I’ve experimented with this and while it doesn’t speed up across the clone machine it certainly hasn’t slowed anything up or harmed any clone.


Now you want to wait until you have plenty of roots and even for all to have them if you want.


Well rooted clones ready to go into dirt or hydro


Well rooted clone ready for planting






Now it’s time to put them into dirt and allow them to grow more roots and adjust to the new environment.

Once they are in dirt you want to keep them wet for a few days to allow them to adjust.

Then you can keep them in veg growth under 24 hour lights till your ready to flower them.

Clones planted in planters


Transporting cuttings.

You can use just about any cutting to make clones.  If your trading or giving cuttings it’s actually pretty simple.  Just put the cuttings with extra stem, into a zip lock bag with enough water to cover the stems.  Then suck the excess air out of the bag.  Air is the enemy water is your friend here.

Once the cuttings are transported and ready to be made into clones simply cut the stems and put into your clone machine or whatever you use to make clones.

I’ve transported cuttings like this for several days and gotten plants from the cuttings.  WARNING ABOUT TRADING CUTTINGS:  They could be contaminated from the prior grow and should be isolated before introduction int the rest of your grow.  Failure to follow this can/will result in unwanted pests, molds, mildews and other nasty things into your grow.