John Birrenbach Consulting

I am a business consultant with experience in many types of business marketing.  I have extensive experience and expertise in internet marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, online and retail sales, business management, and business communications. I am also a talented musician, sound technician, recording engineer, videographer, photographer, and political analyst.

Mykle Hake, Spec Forces Retired TV Star, Survival Training Expert

I have been an owner or business partner in several ventures, including a highly successful local record company called Slippery Wrench Productions, an online coffee retail shop called Coffee-N-Caffeine, and multiple retail coffee stores in the Twin Cities area.  I have also been the director of sales for a furniture company and sold multi-million dollars of custom-made furniture.  I have done search engine optimization for companies and boosted their sales significantly.
I have personally developed products for celebrities like Captain Hawke’s Commando Coffee for Mykel Hawke of the hit TV series Man, Woman, Wild.  I have extensive experience doing personal marketing and have been a campaign manager for a number of local and state-wide elections.

Just a few of the people and organizations I have worked with are pictured here.
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Governor Jesse Ventura Worked With His Campaign
Bun E Carlos Drummer, Cheap Trick
Minnesota For A Single House
Minnesota Reform Party
Pioneer Press
Worked With For Special Parts