National Defense Authorization Act

National Defense Authorization Act – NDAA in regards to detention is left overs from Roosevelt, maybe even before, it’s nice people are finally paying some attention to them but this is such OLD news, that it isn’t news anymore.
These have been in the Defense Budget for a VERY long time and are not an invention of the Current Administration, nor the previous or the one before that.  Under previous administrations they were also authorized under FEMA with the explanation being we might need to move people in a hurry otherwise we will have another Katrina with people living in stadiums.
The real reason is, we might need to do like we did to US Japanese during WWII or to German Americans during WWI where we just detain them cause they MIGHT be a threat.
You’ll be glad they have these places when the next administration decides it’s time to detain all the Muslims in the US because they might be a threat, or Mexicans, or Canadians LOL
There is NO NEED for any detention facilities for large numbers of people who have not committed a crime or been accused of a crime.
HOWEVER, our government has as long a history as any other country in doing just that.  If the government decides your group of people is a threat, you will be herded away, your property will be taken, and you will be detained until they decide to let you free.
It’s been around since before your parents were born and no one seemed to care.  Now all of sudden people care, why is that?  Psy-Ops, Propaganda Campaign meant to keep people stressed out, worried and not looking at the real picture.
Some people live under the illusion that the US is a Free Democracy.  Some think it is a Free Republic.  It is NEITHER.  We only live under a slightly less authoritarian rule than the rest of the world.

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Wow, this guy is in his 20’s…..I feel uplifted that there ARE some young people that know about this and understand what it is to fight for Liberty.  Our country was the FIRST country founded on that!

If you don’t know about the 2014 NDAA bill that has passed….maybe the full version video explains it, if not, look it up.  It gives Obama the right to arrest, detain and even exterminate anyone HE believes is even in any way thinking of negative threats, words or whatever against the government…..without provocation, proof or notice.
Not kidding….it blows the 2013 NDAA to the stars.
Subject: NDAA

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