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FAA releases Documents About Cannabis

It came to light recently, via an article by Tom Angell “The Obscure 45-Year-Old-Law Exempts State-Legal Marijuana” ,  that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) had a rule regarding Cannabis.

The Rule authorizes the transportation of Cannabis when authorized by the State or Federal government.

Sec. 91.19 — Carriage of narcotic drugs, marihuana, and depressant or stimulant drugs or substances.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may operate a civil aircraft within the United States with knowledge that narcotic drugs, marihuana, and depressant or stimulant drugs or substances as defined in Federal or State statutes are carried in the aircraft.

(b) Paragraph (a) of this section does not apply to any carriage of narcotic drugs, marihuana, and depressant or stimulant drugs or substances authorized by or under any Federal or State statute or by any Federal or State agency.

This article sent us on a document hunt with the FAA.  We wanted to see why the FAA made this rule change.

It appears from the documents revealed that the FAA had a regulation which made it a violation to transport against Federal Law and between the US and Mexico.  They wanted to update the regulation to include those that violated a state law as well.  The purpose was to be able to remove licenses of those convicted of federal or state law.

However the way it ended up, the wording is clear that State Legal Cannabis is EXEMPT from Federal Aviation Regulations.  It makes sense that they allowed this change too.  If a State Law Agency needed to transport something via Air it needs to be allowed.  However they didn’t include that provision in the regulation.  This leaves open the legal door to legally be allowed to transport cannabis so long as your following state laws, and if you are your EXEMPT from federal law.

You can view the original filing and final rule change announcements made in the Federal Register back in 1973 in our FOIA documents section, specifically the FAA page.

DEA Information Removed From Site

Back in January ASA filed a suit against the DEA about information that was on the Public Website for the DEA that was faulty.  The DEA removed information from the site.

We were interested in what did the DEA remove from it’s website.  We filed a FOIA request with them and received a response.  In the response it appears the DEA has only removed two documents from it’s website.  The total content of materials removed constitute about 17 pages mostly dealing with Medical Cannabis.

The Documents they released are here at this link 17-00351-F documents

While this is a small victory it could lead to additional victories against other agencies which use essentially the same information on their sites.

If you would like to see the other information we have collected from the DEA and other agencies check this link – DEA FOIA

DEA Releases Legal Cannabis Import Data

The DEA today replied to our FOIA request for information on Legal Cannabis Seed imports into the US in the last 20 years.  While they weren’t able to supply some information as it was contained on a “retired” PC, they did supply information since 2010 and the numbers are amazing.

The clear trend has been a dramatic increase throughout the last 7 years.  It is assumed that this is Cannabis Seed that is being imported for hemp production but it will take further investigation to determine who is importing what.  Unfortunately the DEA doesn’t keep track of the difference between Cannabis Seed Imports and other forms of Cannabis.

The numbers are clear, yet muddied and we are seeking clarification but it appears that they are counting Grams in the report. (*EDIT 03-30-2017 – DEA confirms the weight unit is Grams** )

In 2010 it appears must be the year in which the switch was made from the old retired PC to the new system, so taking the low of 18,000 grams  (roughly 33 lbs) in 2011 and the high of almost 60 million grams (131,825 lbs) in 2016 the growth in imports is on a steady increase year over year.

The full FOIA can be found on our DEA FOIA page or this link 17-00256-F (DET)


Bulletin Medical Cannabis Cards Used as Decoy?

DEAAccording to a DEA document (DEA-DCT-BUL-064-15), released under the Freedom of Information Act, they have encountered “medical marijuana” card holders acting as decoys for shipments of cannabis across the border.

According to the bulletin they have had instances of people crossing the border who smelled of Cannabis who claimed Medical Marijuana use.  In the 2 instances cited the people had the smell of marijuana on them that have showed their state issued medical cannabis cards.  In one instance they found a single gram which they confiscated, and in both instances they allowed the persons entry into the country without any charges.

What they fear, but have no documentation it has occurred, is that someone will keep the agents busy while a big load comes across the border.  So as a warning to the agency they are expressing that this could be used as a tactic to bring cannabis into the country.

What a joke the document which was created in 2015 is.

Inch By Inch

01To quote the DEA “Inch By Inch” is how the DEA see’s the progression of Cannabis legalization.

With each state that puts forth legislation the DEA appears to create reports such as the one they released to us about Maryland and Virginia and it’s legalization movements.

First they see a state legalize for medical purposes, then they see recreational use legalized.  One by one, “Inch by Inch” the DEA see’s Cannabis being legalized across the nation.

In a couple of these documents we have recovered from the DEA under FOIA the mantra seems to be the same in the “Outlook”

wss_skunk_cured_bud“the changes in marijuana legislation in Maryland and Virginia since July 2014, the medical marijuana program in Maryland is most likely to impact the illicit marijuana trafficking situation. Despite regulations that are being implemented, marijuana availability will increase and potentially could be diverted into illicit markets.”

“In addition patients from out-of-state might register and take marijuana to other states to sell.  The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington DC is also likely to affect the situation along it’s Maryland and Virginia borders.”

You can view the rest of the document here dea-was-dir-050-15


FDA Releases Cannabis Grandfather Petition Information

There have been a few people who have attempted to get these documents but been blocked for one reason or another.  It appears that even the petitioners have had a problem obtaining most of them from the FDA.

No-ResultsThe packet contains almost all the information the FDA has on a Medical Cannabis Grandfathering Petition filed by Dr Mikuriya in 2011.

So far from what I have read, they are asking that the FDA to grandfather Cannabis Medications as Cannabis was a medication before the FDA.  Other substances such as Cocaine, Codeine and such have been grandfathered but not Cannabis.

The documents show how certain Cannabis medications were made in bulk.  This is very interesting angle of approach that is being taken.  Lots of really good information that might be of value to others who are petitioning other branches of the Federal Government for change to Cannabis.

These documents contain the official FDA responses so far the petition appears to remain open and unresolved thus far.

You can find these and other documents in our FOIA section and specifically here – FOIA-FDA

US Government Medical Cannabis Studies Released

Our friends over at The Memory Hole 2 have uncovered some very interesting information which they released today.  Courtesy of their filing of a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) they have uncovered invaluable information about Medical Cannabis Research being done in the US.   Some of this is hidden in various government databases that you can search online like the PubMed, NIH Online Library system.  Never before has anyone cracked the code for Medical Cannabis Research until now.  NIH and Federal Government Sponsored Medical Cannabis research is called “Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research”.

nih1NIH and other US Government agencies are funding almost 50 different Medical Cannabis studies.  In the studies they are looking at things like:  EtOH Seeking and Relapse: Therapeutic Potential of Transdermal Cannabidiol, Endocannabinoids in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Endocannabinoid modulation of pain-depressed behavior, Cannabinergic Medications for Methamphetamine Addiction, Cannabinoid-based therapy and approaches to quantify pain in sickle cell disease, A Cross-Over Controlled Trial of Dronabinol and Vaporized Cannabis in Neuropathic Low Back Pain, Medications Development for Cannabis-Use Disorders: Clinical Studies, Targeting multiple enzyme systems to reduce arthritic pain and inflammation,  FABPs: Novel Roles in Pain and Inflammation,  and much much more.

Having looked through the list we obtained from the DEA about who has a permit for Cannabis it all makes much more sense now.  So their material is also backed up by the DEA list of those who have permits with the DEA, that we uncovered, so these are Totally Legal Studies of Medical Cannabis being done under the DEA permit process.

This also explains why it is that NIDA requested that the Mississippi Farm increase it’s production this year.  They are sponsoring studies and getting their Cannabis from the only Federally Licensed Cannabis Farm in operation.  Should there have been other farms in operation they could have gotten in on the money NIH is spending for Medical Cannabis research.

Med-CAAccording to Memory Hole 2, “As background, NIH developed an official reporting category to identify and report research examining the therapeutic potential of marijuana and its constituent cannabinoid compounds. This category called “Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research” was first reported in February of 2016 listing projects (research studies) supported in fiscal year 2015 (FY15) and is the most recent official listing. This category will be annually reported from now on with the next installment planned in February 2017.” which allowed them to discover the studies they are revealing to the public.

It’ll probably surprise many that there are almost 50 different studies of Cannabis for medical purposes that were underway in 2015 alone.  Let alone that they are government approved and sanctioned studies.

It’ll probably surprise people even more that almost $20 million was spent on Medical Cannabis research by the Federal Government in 2015.  I know we find it surprising.  We are under the impression from those more closely involved that there is no “real” research being done on Medical Cannabis and that the Federal Government is standing in the way of this research.  While it could be said that they are only spending a small amount of money on this research but when it comes to medications it is usually Pharmaceutical companies who do the research and make the drugs.  They are clearly allowing those who wish to do real research on Medical Cannabis to do so.

Memory Hole 2 adds in their posting “Additionally, there’s a 48-page listing of research publications in medical journals based on the NIH-funded cannabis studies. This document was released as part of the FOIA request and is not otherwise available.”

The people over at Memory Hole 2 need to be complimented, and given a little something, for uncovering what everyone should already know… The US Federal government is allowing the study of Cannabis’s medical aspects, and not junk science.  Study on transdermal patches, use of smoked Cannabis for low back pain, and much more is being studied. Places like Scripts Research, Public Health Institute, Universities across the nation including MN, SC, CA, VA, IN, NY, WV, Vanderbilt University, Research Triangle Institute.  Hospitals like Mclean, UT Medical Center, ICAHN School of Medicine are all involved in the research that is underway.

People are screaming “We Need Medical Research”, well they are doing it and have been for some time.  If people utilized the tools at hand they would find lots of things that they didn’t know was going on inside their government.  The FOIA is an excellent tool to help discover everything you want to know.  While these people are doing research, there is also a Non-Research category with the DEA for Cannabis.  What is a Non-Research Permit?  Think about it for a while maybe it will come to you when you realize that cannabis is a Controlled Substance and not “Illegal” and there us a huge difference.

With the document and the RePORTS system run by NIH you can search and see where each of the various studies are.  You can find a variety of information by following this link and putting in the study number that your looking for in the Advanced Search area.

Here is the Excel Document with the listing of studies – MEDICAL CANNABIS STUDIES 2015

DEA Releases Info on Application Process

DEA has released documents on how to obtain a license under form 225 non research permit for Cannabis. You’ll be surprised how short it is.














DEA Releases list of over 3,000

Once again the DEA has released to us a list of those who currently have a license under the Controlled Substances act to do things Federally Legal with Cannabis.  These things could be anything from Manufacture, Import, Export, Distribute, or Possess Cannabis.Page-1-DEA-225-Permit

The vast majority of them are obviously dog training facilities but already we are seeing individuals with 225 form and also the University of Southern Florida at Tampa who are conducting research form 224.

We expect to have these documents available in a much better format and a website that specializes in holding documents like this for all time.

page-5-DEA-PermitsClearly the DEA does issue licenses under form 225 and form 224, now we are going to find out what the policies are to get a permit under form 225.