Inch By Inch

01To quote the DEA “Inch By Inch” is how the DEA see’s the progression of Cannabis legalization.

With each state that puts forth legislation the DEA appears to create reports such as the one they released to us about Maryland and Virginia and it’s legalization movements.

First they see a state legalize for medical purposes, then they see recreational use legalized.  One by one, “Inch by Inch” the DEA see’s Cannabis being legalized across the nation.

In a couple of these documents we have recovered from the DEA under FOIA the mantra seems to be the same in the “Outlook”

wss_skunk_cured_bud“the changes in marijuana legislation in Maryland and Virginia since July 2014, the medical marijuana program in Maryland is most likely to impact the illicit marijuana trafficking situation. Despite regulations that are being implemented, marijuana availability will increase and potentially could be diverted into illicit markets.”

“In addition patients from out-of-state might register and take marijuana to other states to sell.  The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington DC is also likely to affect the situation along it’s Maryland and Virginia borders.”

You can view the rest of the document here dea-was-dir-050-15