Pharmaceutical Companies Want Marijuana?

Fed-RegIf you look at the Federal Register there was a big bump in Pharmaceutical companies filing applications to manufacture and import Marijuana in August and September.

After the DEA’s announcement that it is going to allow more Cannabis to be produced for researchers, a number of Pharmaceutical companies are renewing or filing new applications.  hgDPF-j4_400x400Companies like Sigma-Aldrich and US Pharmacopeial Convention* are wanting to be importers, others like Insys and AMRI Renselaer want to be bulk manufacturers.

Most all of them are asking to work with Synthetic Marijuana which begs the question what is Synthetic Marijuana?  Many times this means they are working with cannabinoids that are made in a lab vs grown on Cannabis, which begs the question why then do they want their application to read Bulk Manufacturer of Marijuana?

wss_skunk_cured_budThere simply doesn’t seem to be a need to register to manufacture Marijuana when all your working with is one of the Cannabinoids.  All Controlled Substances have an id number, for Marijuana it’s 7360, for THC it’s 7370.  If your working with THC you only need registration for THC, other cannabinoids also have ID numbers.

With the re-registration or new applications all suddenly being submitted by all these companies at the same time raises a red flag.  Certainly not all of them are due at the same time each year, generally applications are an annual thing.  So why all of a sudden the application filings?

Interesting thing about Pharmaceutical Companies is they generally do not get registered for things they are not working on.  So what are they working on in private?  No one knows.


*The United States Pharmacopeia is a pharmacopeia for the United States published annually by the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention