Prof at U of Miss has Medical Cannabis

For those that don’t know the University of Mississippi grows cannabis for medical experiments.  What exactly they grow, and what they process isn’t totally known but a little bit has been leaked by the Prof in charge himself.

Prof ElSohly has been growing cannabis since 1975 under contract with NIDA, FDA and the DEA.  Under his contract he produces Medical Grade cannabis products.  Apparently he grows a number of varieties, makes a number of different products all of which are designed to be used for Medical purposes.

In a Rare appearance before a Justice Summit he explained the problems with Medical Cannabis and how he solved them.  The presentation he gives is long and is extremely detailed about the various cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in Cannabis and how they already know what some of them do.

A1The interesting part is his explaining how they grow and process their cannabis to make medical products for others to test and use.  First they do not rely on seed they, like most growers, they clone plants and then put them outside to finish growing.  On their 18 acre facility they grow and produce all the medical grade cannabis legally available in the United States.

As you watch the video below you will see how he describes in detail how they process cannabis they grow and produce medical grade cannabis.  All that remains to be done with his work is to get it FDA approved.

FDA approval requires a number of things, all of which Prof ElSohly has done.  He, and his team, grow under controlled conditions and produce medical grade cannabis by following the rules of manufacture and processing.  Thus he produces true medical grade cannabis.