DEA Allow New Cannabis Manufacturers? Not Likely

DEADespite the DEA saying that they are open to allowing new manufacturers of Cannabis, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

First is the requirements for security.  Please see the DEA diversion control manual used to evaluate Controlled Substance manufacturers we obtained through FOIA – Link –  While they can be obtained as the U of Miss is an example of what’s necessary, however it will be expensive.

Next of course is the application process.  First you need to complete the application online with the DEA and pay your application fee.  This is not a registration fee this is an application fee and is non-refundable if your not registered.  Here is a link to the DEA application process. – LINK TO DEA

Then comes publication in the Federal Register.  This allows those who are already involved a chance to comment on your application.  While it is rare for there to be comments on a manufacturer it is likely that anything of any substance will be scrutinized by all parties.


There is also a problem with the fact that the U of Miss has untapped cultivation potential.  The U of Miss only grows cannabis once ever couple of years.  Even then they only use a small portion of their 18 acre site.  It’s probably more likely to get support if someone works with the University and rents it’s facility.

There are any number of reasons why the DEA can deny a permit to cultivate Cannabis and anyone who applies is likely to face all of them.