New Marijuana Manufacturers?

DEAAccording to the federal register within 8 days of the DEA deciding it’s ok for others to manufacture cannabis 3 companies applied for licenses.  2 Applied for manufacturer and another for importer.

It’s probably just because they are handling synthetic THC but within 8 days of the DEA decision to expand production of Cannabis beyond the U of Miss farm 3 companies applied for licenses about Marihuana.

The first was Chemtos, we have known of them for some time they have been in the DEA listing we got earlier this year.  But they are supposedly going to manufacture marijuana – LINK

The next to apply was Noramco Inc, they plan to make synthetic Marijuana.  How you make a synthetic plant is beyond us but it might be a rule of the DEA because they make THC?  – link

The last is Cerilliant Corp is very interesting as it appears that they plan to import Cannabidiol. – LINK