FDA Publishes Comments on Petition

FDAAs reported earlier, the FDA has been petitioned to hold hearings on labeling, packaging and a variety of things regarding Cannabis.  The comment period is open right now as the FDA takes public comments.  So far two comments have been publicly posted.

Comments from Benjamin Cassidy says  “The unnecessary and irrelevant regulation and burden that this petition brings to discussion is 100% ridiculous to anyone who is actually involved in the current industry or benefits from it. There will be unnecessary regulatory costs and burden placed upon the manufacturer of products which will be then be passed along to the consumers in both the recreational and medical markets. In the end this piece of legislation does nothing to progress its own agenda and is obviously written by a group who does not understand the industry or the challenges that people in and out of it face.”

The other, by Tammy Page, is longer and more a treatise on Drug Prohibition than a comment “I am asking for the research on Marijuana, especially Medical Marijuana. I have researched history over and over again concerning why Marijuana is still in need of more research. Why Marijuana is listed by the Federal Government as a non medical use drug, classified in the Schedule 1 controlled Substance Act? My History research has lead me to believe that Marijuana was suppose to have been researched as to why Marijuana is a MIRACLE drug (herb is actually what it is) and has actually helped more people then not.

According to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and President Nixon Shafer Commission, we the citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA should be able to understand why Marijuana isn’t being researched for the pro’s instead of research of Marijuana being researched for the con’s.

As History repeats itself usually then realistically Marijuana will always stay at the Federal Governments Schedule 1 controlled Substance Act. I as well as other citizens feel like this is so unjust.

I used THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA versus THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA as an example because of each State being allowed to vote for making Marijuana legal or not. This is VERY UNFAIR, why? I would love to respond by saying that since each State can decide for itself, then why not my State? I also can answer by saying that whomever is in office such as the Governor of the State amongst legislatures, etc. being the people that can make this decision and not the people who happen to live in that particular State.

I am on disability for a variety of health issues. Since the DEA has yet once again interfered with Professional Skilled Pain Specialist deciding on what is best for there patients concerning therapy, injections, Medications, etc. being used by the Professional Skilled Pain Specialist then this really brings up a HUGE PROBLEM FOR PEOPLE WHOM HAVE HEALTH ISSUES..

We the citizens even though we may be disabled for many, many reasons as to how we became disabled still should have the right to live our life to the best way we can without being in pain 24/7,Depression, Nausea, etc. The “WAR ON DRUGS” has failed for so many years now, why not do the research of the pro’s of using Marijuana and allow anyone that has MAJOR health problems ( Yet again brings up the question of weather the DEA is qualified to determine how badly the MAJOR health problems are with each individual) to be able to have the choice of what to use (within reason) to help control the Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Sleep, Nausea, PTSD that unfortunately people suffer from.

Just imagine how much the Federal Government would save on overcrowding of prisons and the up keep of each prisoner that has been arrested or still serving time ( since Marijuana is so harmful to people causing people to commit violence, theft, harder drugs, murder, resisting arrest, etc. that some people belong in prison if they are trafficking Marijuana. (Not really, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT ON THE LAW OFFICIALS THAT HAVE  ARRESTED THESE INDIVIDUALS.) and also making it almost impossible to get a job with a felony hanging over your head even after serving the time in jail or prison.

Yes, I was being a little sarcastic about Marijuana causing people to commit violence, rape, murder, etc. with the exception of Marijuana being laced with something off the streets. That my friend is just another point I feel should be made. No one that has a medical card receiving Medical Marijuana from a Marijuana dispensary should not worry at all that the Marijuana has been laced or has anything in it that possibly could put someone in danger.

To make ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the Marijuana being dispensed is not tampered with in any way then that’s another reason for the Federal Gov’t to legalize Marijuana or at least de classify Marijuana until further research can be done as it should have been since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and President Nixon Shafer Commission.

One last thought, people have said that younger children could possibly get ahold of Marijuana causing death, well unfortunately younger children can get ahold of Guns, Tylenol lying around on a dresser, alcohol, etc. it all depends on the safety that you provide for any younger child. I would much rather prefer should any child (God Forbid) get into something dangerous that it would be Marijuana versus these other examples given.

Thank you for taking the time to read just SOME examples that hopefully can be used or at least thought of when it actually comes down to ending the failing “WAR ON DRUGS” and realizing that Marijuana is a NATURAL HERB that God even saw fit to grow on this earth that we live in to help people.”