A Unique Treatment for Glaucoma

Prof West at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica developed a product that has been used by thousands in Jamaica and people around the world.  The product made from the Cannabis plant is a eye drop that treats glaucoma in unique ways.

Most glaucoma medications are taken orally, by injection or smoking cannabis.  This causes an unfortunate affect that both eyes are affected equally by the drug.  However in many instances only one eye is a problem.  Canasol is a solution to this problem.  In studies done by Dr West and others, they have seen that Canasol only affects the eye it is placed in, that is it’s more a topical medication.

This is highly preferred to other medications for glaucoma.  It’s pretty obvious that this medication is superiour to most others in many ways.  It’s a sterile solution that is dropped into the eye and within about 2 minutes pressure has dropped.  It also works for multiple kinds of glaucoma as well.

Here is a copy of the report from the late Dr West – the-use-of-certain-cannabis-derivatives-canasol-in-glaucomathe-use-of-certain-cannabis-derivatives-canasol-in-glaucoma

Here is a link to the article if it still exists in this location – LINK