FDA Releases Cannabis Grandfather Petition Information

There have been a few people who have attempted to get these documents but been blocked for one reason or another.  It appears that even the petitioners have had a problem obtaining most of them from the FDA.

No-ResultsThe packet contains almost all the information the FDA has on a Medical Cannabis Grandfathering Petition filed by Dr Mikuriya in 2011.

So far from what I have read, they are asking that the FDA to grandfather Cannabis Medications as Cannabis was a medication before the FDA.  Other substances such as Cocaine, Codeine and such have been grandfathered but not Cannabis.

The documents show how certain Cannabis medications were made in bulk.  This is very interesting angle of approach that is being taken.  Lots of really good information that might be of value to others who are petitioning other branches of the Federal Government for change to Cannabis.

These documents contain the official FDA responses so far the petition appears to remain open and unresolved thus far.

You can find these and other documents in our FOIA section and specifically here – FOIA-FDA