The Property

The lake frontage is 50′ and has the best view on the lake.  The shoreline has been stabilized with local rocks and boulders.

The depth of the water is of course variable depending on the overall lake level.  Generally it goes from a couple of inches of water nearest the shore and entering the lake.  Depth about 100′ from shore is in the 5′ depth range.  At about 200′ from shore is a break that drops to the 15-18′ range.

There is an enclosed firepit near the lakeshore.

There is also a small building near the shore to store fishing and boating gear.  The building is about 4′ x 4′ square and about 12′ in height with a peaked roof.

Compared to other shoreline property on the lake this property faces south giving you a view of the lake that is unavailable with other properties.

It is also located in one of the least used areas of the lake.  Other properties to the south and north of the lake receive lots of boat traffic.  Even with the small bay located to the east of the property, there is very little boat traffic and most of that is fishermen fishing the lake for it’s many species of fish found in the lake.  Look below for the video my drone took on Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest on the lake.

As you may have noticed there is undeveloped property along the eastern shoreline.  This shoreline can’t be developed into anything.  There isn’t enough room to place anything on the property and the shoreline to steep for anything more than a trail leading to a dock in the water.

There is also a spawning pond just east of the property that was the top producing northern spawning ground in the state of Minnesota.  It is currently not being used for that purpose.

The view from the property is the best on the lake.  Others have views that face East and West, the width of the lake makes it such that people on one side can easily see the people on the other.  This property is located with the ONLY South facing views on the lake.  This affords privacy and also awesome views ranging up to over a mile and a half down the lake.

The shortest view on the lake is over a 1/4 of a mile.

There is a almost 70 year old sugar maple tree on the property.  It is capable of producing some of the best syrup you will ever taste.  In years past I have made maple syrup from the tree and even maple candy.  It is an awesome experience to make your own maple syrup and candy each spring.  The size and age of this tree allow it to have multiple taps.  I have put 3 taps into the tree at a time.  The output is tremendous and sweet from the tap.

There are also a number of gardens that are on the property.  One is by the road and is comprised of asperigus and other things like strawberries.  This plot measures 20’x20′ square.  There is also a set of above ground planters along the west boundary of the property that is about 50′ long.  Currently it isn’t being used for much other than some flowers and rhubarb plants of various varieties.  Other shade tolerant plants and or edible items could easily be planted in this area.

Under the side deck is a great planting of Lillies of all kinds and colors.  When in full bloom it’s a sight to behold.  There are other plantings of various varieties of lilies near the garage and also the mailbox.

You will see wild life of all kinds from the deck.  From Bald Eagles that soar above you to geese, loons, ducks of all kinds and even swans the birds abound in the area.  Other creatures like fox, bear, deer and other mammals are native to the area and frequent the property and or neighboring properties.


Link to DNR Lake info – CLICK HERE

Here you can find a listing of the many species of fish found in the lake – CLICK HERE

On the 4th of July weekend you can expect to see massive fireworks displays from the shore or boat.