The Home

The home is wood construction and insulated to be a year round home.  The building is 20′ wide x 30′ long.  It has a dining area, kitchen, spacious living room, full bath with shower, and upstairs bedroom. (see next page for more info).

There are lots of windows in the home.  4 on the front facing the lake, each other wall has at least 2 windows.  There is no need for air conditioning in this home during the hottest of summer days.

The Deck is 5′ wide x 25′ Long with an extension leading back to the entrance to the home.  The rails of the deck are made up of Copper Pipe that is about 12 years old and getting a nice patena to it.  It has lots of sun and also shade and when necessary has a umbrella that can be deployed for extra shade.

The finished part of the basement has a walkout front entrance and windows facing the lake.  It has a walk in closet measuring 4′ x 4′ with space for shelving.  The basement does have the option of adding a wood burning stove.  The remaining area is set aside as a work/storage room for washing machine, dryer, hot water heater, shelving and also freezer placement.

The home is entirely electric (50 amp electric service) but also has 2 – 150lb propane tanks for the gas stove.  There is an electric outlet in the kitchen for an electric stove.

The home has a private well that provides excellent water.  While it is mineral rich it has been sought after by neighbors for decades to be used for canning.  The well hasn’t been tested but pumps excellent water pressure.  Waste water is handled by a sewer line that runs the circumference of the lake.

The roof was torn off and completely replaced in around 2012.

There is internet connectivity with Genesis Wireless and Over the Air TV is receivable via TV antenna.