The Area

Pine City and Cross Lake is located 60 miles north of St Paul Minneapolis downtowns right on Interstate 35.  Located half way between the cities and Duluth the area offers a great deal to explore.

Cross Lake and Pokegama Lake are joined by the Snake River going upstream and is joined to the St. Croix River downstream.  Easy boat access to the lake is provided in two locations, one in town the other close to the home on the outlet into the Snake river.  There are also many boat access points to the St Croix River not far from the home.

Cross lake is an excellent lake for all kinds of activity summer or winter.  Summer it offers great fishing, boating and other activities.  In the winter it’s got great ice fishing spots and ability to take vehicle traffic.  Luckily the cars and trucks do not come near this property.  Even boat traffic is usually limited to sight seeing and the occasional fisher-person looking for one of the many species of fish found on this shoreline.

Here are some videos of the outlet to the lake the Snake River.  Some was taken with my drone the other is taken with a camera from the shoreline.

You’ll find great excitement in running the river when it is up, maybe a little lower than this but it’s generally a great and safe ride.

The Snake River is great for tubing, rafting and kayaking.  A typical ride down the river can be anywhere from 1-4 hours.  It offers great wildlife and a relaxing ride that is suitable for people of all experience levels.  If your into extreme sports the Kettle River just to the north and the Sandstone area offer whitewater kayaking and rock climbing.

To the east of the property is the Chengwatana State Forest.  This forest is known for supplying Christmas trees to the Governor and State.  It is also known for it’s great hunting, camping, trails, animal and other wildlife.  Regardless if you like summer or winter trails and forest the Chengwatana Forest is for you.

The neighborhood is a friendly neighborhood.  Made up of mostly weekenders the particular section of road the home is located on is made up of 9 homes.  5 of which are year round home owners, the others are either part year or use it as a weekend retreat.  The property directly west of me is a weekend property.  The home to the east of me is a property with full year residents.  There are kids of various ages living in the area year round and many more on weekends and holidays.

Entertainment and Dining is available at the many restaurants in Pine City and also the Casino located just 15 minutes north of the home.  The Casino not only has a number of eating places but also is an excellent concert venue.  With a wide range of acts performing throughout the year you can find everything from great local music to huge concerts.  There are also a variety of nightclubs located in and near Pine City that feature everything from fine wines to DJ music and beer.  Something for everyones taste.