The Band

On a warm summer day of July 23rd, 2017. Alex and Dom walk into ‘The Green Room’ of Shell Lake Arts center. Andrew eyes them from across the room and plays the daunting drum intro for Raining Blood.

Alex and Dom look around the room in confusion. They finally spot him and rush to get their guitars and amps set up. At last, all is ready. Shrieking guitars fill the rooms essence as the double kick pattern takes off. This is when Space Murder first met.

As we go throughout the next few days we acquire our assigned bands and meet up with the teachers and other members. It turns out Dom, Andrew, Alex, and last but not least, the infamous Grady Westling is also in the band. As we all get to know one another, we all realize we have one thing in common. Heavy Metal.

Dom, Andrew, and Alex jam when work schedules allow for the next year and a half. A cover show comes up and the experience motivates them to discipline the band into a powerhouse, but it is not complete until they reunite with the extremely talented Grady Westling. With 3 Guitarists and a Drummer they set forth.

Then, 2 years later we had embarked upon recording our first EP Bloodlines. This month and a half of recording in the basement pushed the band to grow together and stronger to form what we are today.

Sunday 03-24-2019 we play at the Pourhouse – Pulling the largest crowd we have had and, we had a killer show. Afterwords we hear from the booking agency. “Hey, we heard great things about your band. We appreciate the professionalism in the way you conducted business and communicated with us. You also drew a good crowd. Bryan Pauley Booking Agent | Superior Booking”

In March of 2019 Space Murder is in the studio recording it’s second EP and writing additional material